Preacher - vocals, guitar

MU - bass

Hendrik Beerkiller - drums
Hendrik Beerkiller


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Band Info

Old school Heavy Metal

Germany (Koblenz) 2001

Preacher (vocals, guitar)
MU (bass)
Hendrik Beerkiller (drums)


Steelpreacher was founded in 2001 by guitarist/vocalist Preacher after splitting-up his old band 'Claymore'. He wanted to play raw old-school heavy metal in the vein of Motörhead, WASP, Saxon, AC/DC and ACCEPT. No keyboards, no commercial attitude! Just spikes, leather, beer and HEAVY METAL... and BEER! What had started as an idea for a solo-project soon became an actual band when former 'Claymore' bassist MU, and a few weeks later, drummer Hendrik Beerkiller (ex- 'Thorns of Sephiroth') joined rhythmic forces with Preacher's old-school riff mastery. Song writing began immediately. Preacher, MU, and Hendrik forged a great old-school metal sound like they were destined to be together since the birth of time itself. After only 9 months as an actual band, the recording of their first album 'Route 666' began in a filthy rock and roll rehearsal-room. Even though its sound is not 'big-budget and shiny' , the album made a huge impact in the underground scene with its honest and inspired take on great old-school metal. After the recording of 'Route 666' it dawned on the band that despite originally writing and recording with expectations of having a 2nd guitarist join the band, the three-piece line-up felt perfect, and they further developed their unique yet familiar sound as a trio. While the songs generally became much more raw and edgy, some strong 'hard rock' and 'epic' influences could now be heard in the mix.

In 2004 the band recorded their 2nd album 'Start Raising Hell' which brought forth a quantum leap in the band's sound, song writing and cover artwork. Tighter yet 'looser', more technical yet 'simpler', harder and faster yet more old-school... a true metallurgist's blend of disparate metals in one hard-edged metalized chunk... 'Start Raising Hell' helped make Steelpreacher a 'known name' in the underground scene. On festivals like 'Thrash till Death', 'Metal Cruise', 'X-Mas Metal Meeting', 'Ultima Ratio', 'Kutten4ever' and the 'Summernight Open Air' Steelpreacher cemented their reputation as a true Hellraiser, playing together and holding their own with bands like Sodom, Destruction, Demon, Steel Prophet and Piledriver. Piledriver even called them one of the best opening bands they'd ever had!

In May 2008 the band released their 3rd album 'Drinking With The Devil'. Besides 10 killer tracks the album also contained the band's first videos; the 'Hell Bent For Beer' rock-video and a 'Making of...' video. The album was heralded and distributed as 'Demo Of The Month' in Germany's world-famous 'Rock Hard' magazine, once again exposing a much larger audience to Steelpreacher's new old-school sound.

After playing extensively in Germany and countries all over Europe,
Steelpreacher enjoyed more and more awareness and popularity in the Heavy Metal world, headlining most of the smaller festivals, while stealing fans and hearts all along their drunken party path.

2011 saw the release of their 4th full-length album 'Hellraiser' (Mastered by Arne Lakenmacher and metal icon Kai Hansen), once again raising the bar of old school excellence even higher and making a big impact in the metal scene.